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Start Your Farming Business With Us Today!

To feed the world's rising population, vegetables will be in limited supply in the future. As a result, hydroponic Indoor farming has the potential to be a profitable venture. Indoor vertical farming, as opposed to traditional ground farming, requires less space and can be done at any time of year, resulting in higher yields. We design and construct a Indoor farming system that matches your needs by providing you with the knowledge and skills necessary to start your small farming business.

Flexline Mini NFT Farming System



The mini hydroponic NFT farming system was designed and build by Flexline Technology.

This system is primarily intended for personal use or commercial use in cafés and restaurants that require self-supply and display of veggies.

Product Features:

- Grow 72 plants in a 20 square-foot area.

- Stable and robust structural design.

- Simple to use and maintain.

- 1.2M in length of full spectrum LED grow lights.


- System dimensions : 1.6M (L) x 0.7M (W) x 1.5M (H)

- Plant capacity : 72 Plants (Hole 150mm apart)

- Power: 300W


Custom hydroponic NFT system design and build are available; please call or email us for more information.


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