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Hydroponic Plant Growing Vertical Farm 



Basic Introduction

Product Name : Hydroponic Plants Growing Vertical Farm KES 1.0

Input Voltage : 110/220V/AC

Rated Power : 163W

Emitting Color : Red,Blue,White etc.

Intelligent Control : Temperature&Humidity adjustable

Planting Pattern : Leaf Vegetable、Bean Seedling/Sprouts

Measurement : L686 x W600 x H1495mm

Weight : 118KG

Usage Environment : Indoor


1.Special designed with double layer hollow toughened glass door, prevent sunlight and protect eyes;

2.Special seeding box design, grow seeds in the seeding box first, then transfer to upper layer blank space, shorten seeding and grow time;

3.Several models help to enrich your dishes, it can be used to plant leaf vegetable, cherry tomato, strawberry, bean seeding and bean sprout etc.

4. Multi-hole design makes planting more than ornamental purpose, edible as well as pragmatic;

5.Professional plant lamp was designed according to spectrum, which can provide adequate photosynthesis;

6.Child lock can prevent child  playing with the equipment, and an adult must be on site during the operation, avoid dragging and the tray falling;

7.Low noise is more suitable for family life.



KES 1.0-2.jpg
KES 1.0-1.jpg
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