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Hydroponic Growing Tray


Basic Specification


Product Name :                     Hydroponic Growing Tray

Measurement:                       49*49*10cm

Pump Power:                         4.8W

Input Voltage:                        DC12V

Net Weight:                            3KG

Material:                                  ABS Food Grade

Color:                                       Black

Usage Environment:         Planting Factory, Greenhouse, Household, Indoor


ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) is used as the growing tray's production material because it is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, has good toughness, good ventilation, and an added anti-aging agent, which greatly extends service life. The bottom hole is designed to keep too much water out of the plants' roots.

1. injection moulded plastic parts.
2.  ABS material, simple design.
3. used in the garden.
4. easy to use.

5. high quality and good looking.

Grow Tray - 16 Holes.jpg
Grow Tray - 16 Holes-2.jpg
Grow Tray - 16 Holes-4.jpg
Grow Tray - 16 Holes-1.jpg
Grow Tray - 16 Holes-3.jpg
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