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GrowTank - OFG005

The OPCOM Farm GrowTank is specially designed for high climbing plants and fruits. With All-in-one Aeroponics/Hydroponics hybrid technology.  Its open frame growing system designed for indoor farming all year round. It uses Deep Flow Technique (DFT) for deep roots and Aeroponics technology for the roots that hang above water. 8 large 2.5inch pot holes with an over 1feet deep 21 gallon high capacity water tank.  Your plant roots can have a large space grow freely and efficiently.

The GrowTank comes with OPCOM Smart Box, features an automated system that manages lighting and water air pump , making growth like a breeze. Smart multi-link control system can synchronize every single unit.

High-intensity LED lighting creates sunlight simulating full color spectrum that helps plants thrive. Distance adjustable snake tubes extend your light delivery to wherever you desire for better plant growth.

OPCOM GrowTank’s compact design is ideal for many environments such as homes, offices, restaurants, classrooms and hospitals. Also grows medicine plants.




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