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GrowWall2 - OFG003-2

The OPCOM Farm GrowWall2 is an all-in-one hydroponics growing system designed for indoor farming all year round. It uses Nutrient Film Technique (NFT). The 2.5ft wide refrigerator-size design with 80 planting dual line pipe and double brightness that make your growth efficient in small space to accommodate any place of home, the 10 Gallon double water tank is high capacity which can be used over 2 weeks. Also, potential to be replaced with fish tank for Aquaponics. GrowWall2 comes with OPCOM Smart Box, a smart multi-function control system which can sync. every single unit. High-intensity LED lights create sunlight stimulating full color spectrum that helps plants thrive and ensure the most efficient growth. OPCOM Smart Box features an automated system that manages lighting and water circulation, making growing like a breeze. It is ideal for many environments such as homes, offices, restaurants, classrooms and hospitals. Expandable side by side system design to link with great green wall easily to reach professional hydroponics or commercial green wall purpose. The GrowWall2 comes fully equipped with seeds, EC, pH management and measuring device so that customers can start growing immediately.




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